Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Abridge Enterprises. This privacy policy is a publication of the privacy practices that are undertaken at Abridge Enterprises. Such practices include but are not limited to the type of information collected, how the information is used, and with who the information is shared.

Abridge Enterprises reserve the right to change, alter or amend this privacy policy in part or in while without prior consent. Clients and visitors are advised to consult and understand this privacy policy.

Disclosure of information

Application for the use of Abridge Enterprises services will indicate a disclosure of information that provides your consent and understanding that;

  • Abridge Enterprises may store personal information such as: Your name, residential address and telephone number, business address and telephone number, nature of profession or occupation, date of birth.
  • We may be required under the terms of law to collect a form of identification in the manner of a valid driving license or passport.
  • To assist with the management of your account we may request financial information such as: Your annual income, assets and liabilities, credit history.
  • The continued use of this website we automatically record the name of the visiting internet service provider, the type of web browser used and the date and length of visit including the web pages selected during the visit. Abridge Enterprises may use cookies to track the preferences of visitors to this website to assist with optimizing future web performance.
  • Abridge Enterprises will not disclose information of any kind to outside agencies or third parties unless we are required to do so under the request of law.

Freedom of Information

Upon written request we are required by local law to inform you of the exact personal information we store about you. If such data is incorrect, we will correct the information on your confirmation of changes.


Ensuring the safety of your personal information is our priority. We use industry standard technology and internal safety measures to make sure that your personal data is not accessed, intentionally manipulated or destroyed by unauthorized persons. By the terms of law we continually enhance our security measures as more advance technologies are made available.