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Investment Services


Our success, and that of our clients is built upon an active approach to investment management that focuses primarily on capital preservation, the delivery of a sustainable yield and principle capital appreciation.

Informed decision making

Through a diligent research effort we balance the strengths of quantitative market analysis with an in depth evaluation of fundamental research from many of the leading research houses to identify emerging trends that demonstrate attributes on long-term investment potential.

We are focused on maintaining a policy of absolute returns that ensures our performance is measured in line with the expectations and objectives that our clients demand. Our conservative philosophy helps to reduce market volatility whilst our flexible approach provides the freedom to capitalize on advancing markets.

Fixed income management

We believe that sustainable, profitable portfolios are the result of a carefully managed asset allocation structure that emphasizes diversification across a number of regions, sectors and asset classes. Providing access to fixed income vehicles is one section of diversification we use that provides the portfolio with a cash flow guarantee during a specified period.

Identifying yield driven fixed income vehicles helps to balance the inherent risk associated with other investment types such as corporate equities, private equities and forms of alternative investments. By safeguarding the value of capital and ensuring a positive return, fixed income vehicles provide a capital cushion that balances with more aggressive investment commitments that are likely to deliver a more favorable return.

Deal Flow & Alternative Investments

At Abridge Enterprises we actively search the global landscape for investment opportunities that emerge through primary and secondary offerings, and provide access to private equity placements. For clients that display an appetite for higher yielding investments, we provide exposure and guidance to unique opportunities such as private placements and high yield fixed income strategies.

Investment Management Summary

  • Discretionary and Advisory investment management
  • Global equity and fixed income strategies
  • Unique exposure to private equity and high yield strategies
  • Cost efficient transactional management
  • Regular performance commentary

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