Investment Philosophy
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Investment Philosophy


Our investment philosophy incorporates a diligent research process based on a combination of macroeconomic themes with a target sector analysis.

Research fundamentals & analysis

We adhere to a top-down, bottom-up approach and place emphasis asset selection resulting from our fundamental research. Our investment commitments are positioned towards asset classes that demonstrate evidential potential to ensure that capital is placed within a margin for growth and risk-adjusted investor returns.

Sustainable growth mandate

For the majority of our capital growth mandates, we allocate assets towards global equity vehicles that seek to realize, over the long-term, untapped value in large, medium and small cap companies.

As value based investors we take a contrarian view of the global market place. Our research seeks to identify undervalued companies that are either temporarily misrepresented by investor sentiment or are lesser known to the masses.

Identify prospective targets

Each target company must pass our fundamental criteria before any form of investment is committed. We typically look for the following aspects to determine whether the investment is a strong, long-term prospect;

  • Evidence of consistent, year-on-year earnings
  • Strong earnings growth prospects
  • Low price compared to a fair market value
  • Expectation for substantial appreciation in fair market value
  • Consistent free cash flow generation
  • Effective balance sheet in relation to terms of;
  • Optimal management of debt
  • High return on capital expenditure
  • Competitive market position
  • Competent management team

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