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Becoming our client is as easy as it is financially rewarding. We understand that our clients and his or her investment objectives are unique. In this instance our primary objective is to gain a full understanding of your financial requirements and what you hope to achieve by committing to an investment strategy with us. Only by creating an in depth vision of your expectations can we begin to partner your wishes with our experience.

Account management solutions

We provide two distinctive account structures, which are managed in different ways;

Discretionary portfolio management

A fee based service that requires minimal client involvement with the investment decision-making process.

Clients are presented with a series of strategies, each tailored with their specific objectives in mind. Through advice and discussion, a dedicated wealth advisor will develop a strategy to align with personal circumstances and investment preferences.

We typically accept applications with minimum investment intentions of $30,000. Our services are fee based and directly related to a multi-tiered fee schedule dependant on invested assets levels.

Non-discretionary transactional management

A commission-based model structured to include but not limited to variables of asset types, introduction, preliminary guidance and committed level of capital.

Clients availing our non-discretionary services are requested to discuss this arrangement in detail with their wealth advisor prior to application.

The Application Process

Prospective clients are required to complete and return the Abridge Enterprises client account application form, which can be downloaded by accessing the link below;
  Download Application Forms Here  

It is important that all required sections of the application form are complete, signed and dated by the applicant(s) where indicated. Failure to return a complete application will result in delay.

Application return

Please return completed applications to the Accounts Department at Abridge Enterprises;

Should you require assistance or have further questions regarding the application process, please contact your wealth advisor or Abridge Enterprises representative.