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About Abridge Enterprises

Abridge Enterprises is a Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission licensed entity engaged in Type 4 (Investment Advisory) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities.

The firm's partners together share 35 years of experience in the investment banking industry, with various management roles in equity research, investment advisory and fund management, focusing in HK/China, Asia, Europe and US.

Leveraging on our expertise in the global market place, we offer research and advisory services to clients, including regular updates and advice on clients' investment portfolio, specific works on industries and/or individual listed stocks within the region, private projects in the area where local inputs are required, or research/advisory partnership with other companies.

In addition, through our wide network of corporate contacts especially in HK/China, we can assist in mergers and acquisitions or other corporate opportunities that may wish to take advantage of an expansion in the region. In this regard, we are particularly strong in the small-mid cap space, with focuses on transactions up to USD 500 million. In fund management, the partners currently manages a private equity fund, as well as a number of discretionary accounts.

Approach to investment

Our investment philosophy adheres to a value based approach that seeks to protect and grow the value of wealth by investing in globally diversified assets classes that display the potential to provide sustainable above-average value appreciation.

Our investment methodology is highly focused on the effective management of risk, which diligently observes a number of key factors that are unique to the preferences of each client under our management.

Dedicated to clients

Our clients are treated on a case-by-case belief that his or her reasons for committing to investing with us are uniquely based on their financial, professional and personal circumstances. Each portfolio and collective group of tailored wealth services are sculptured and maintained in accordance with the specific needs, expectations and preferences that form the character of each client's investment profile, which is formed as part our dedication towards relationship management and to gain a complete understanding of what makes each client tick.

Only by addressing each client in this way are we able to provide comprehensive solutions that are specifically targeted to meet our client's goals.

Why choose us?

As an independent firm we maintain the belief that the loyalty of our client base remains consistent with the quality and performance of the services we continued to offer through a number of economic cycles. Equally we continue to evolve as a firm as part of our responsibility to efficiently preserving the wealth of our clients through the volatile cycle we find ourselves in today.

  • We adhere to a value investment philosophy
  • We are focused on long-term, sustainable returns over the uncertainty of short-term performance
  • We advocate global diversification, tactical asset allocation and strategic capital positioning
  • We deliver client specific, target portfolio management and wealth solutions
  • We dedicate ample resources towards a fundamental research application
  • We provide unrestricted access to a personal wealth administration that is collectively responsible for the management of your account
  • We deliver a tailored service mandate to meet individual client objectives
  • We disclose, with absolute transparency, actions and decisions related to all investment transactions
Client Service Standards

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Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy incorporates a diligent research process based on a combination of macroeconomic themes with a target sector analysis....

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